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Laminated Floors

Laminated Floors

We WORK with the number one firms.

We know very well the difference between quality and price and, therefore, have a huge assortment of laminated flooring.


With over 20 years of experience, we know very well what we sell.

We have a wide range of products exposure and a huge variety of laminated floors and outstanding offers at the store with sharp prices.

We detail some of the firms:

  • Quick-Step.
  • Expert Click.
  • Disfloor Top.
  • Tarkett woodstock.
  • Tarkett woodstock¬†Plank.
  • Tarkett Revelation.

We are official dealer of QUICK STEP


Special offers

  Product Net price m2
Oferta Quick Step Largo 9.5mm grosor (support free of charge). 43,49‚ā¨
Oferta Quick Step Majestic 9.5mm grosor (Hydroseal) (support free of charge). 47,32‚ā¨
Oferta Tarima Quick-step Impressive 8mm espesor (Hydroseal). 34,47‚ā¨
Oferta Tarima Quick-step Impressive Ultra 12mm espesor (Hydroseal). 44,76‚ā¨
Oferta Quick Step Signature 9mm grosor (Hydroseal) (support free of charge). 46,06‚ā¨
Oferta Tarima Quick-step Classic 8mm espesor (Hydroseal). 25,55‚ā¨
Oferta Tarima Quick-step Creo 7mm espesor. 18,87‚ā¨
Oferta Tarima Quick-step Eligna/Eligna wide 8mm espesor (Hydroseal). 31,91‚ā¨
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  Taxes included stock and products available in our store.
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