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SATE Thermal Insulation System

SATE Thermal Insulation System SATE Thermal Insulation System

Solutions insulated facades.

Solutions are those isolated facades facade insulation solutions that incorporate all necessary components for commissioning work quick and easy.


Moisture problems?

Do You have condensation problems inside the house?

Does it cost you a lot in winter to keep the house at a comfortable temperature?

And in the summer? Does it cost you a lot to maintain the house cool with air conditioning? Or is just that in the summer your house becomes an oven and a fridge in the winter?

Do You have cracks in the facade?

We have the solution to all these problems.

Technical solutions for thermal insulation on the outside.

This system is capable of solving all the problems mentioned above radically.

The elements of the SATE are:

  • Adhesive.
  • Adhesion Primers.
  • Isolation.
  • Base coat with surface mortar and reinforcement mesh fiberglass.
  • Topcoat.


  • Avoid condensation in addition to the formation of mold.
  • Eliminates thermal bridges.
  • Ensure protection against inclement weather.
  • Reduce thermal stresses and cracking.
  • Generate increased internal thermal inertia.
  • Reduce energy demand since isolation improves the accumulation of heat and cold with consequent cost savings.
  • Increased equity.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • The system is dismountable, recyclable and reusable.

We have all materials in stock and a display wall in our store, where you`re able to see step by step process and convince yourself how easy it is to install.

And if you do not have time or just want to leave it to professionals.

Do You wish that we install? Ask us for an offer. We take care of everything.

  • Application work report.
  • Visit the site.
  • Making of the report.
  • Presentation of the report.
  • Acceptance of the report.
  • Study of color.
  • Order processing.

Of course, rall this backed up through BEISSIER


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