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Cladding Facades and Interiors

Cladding Facades and Interiors

The different qualities applied to a facade directly affect the interiors.

Wide range of solutions for coating and restoration of facades.


Bancril - tex: our flagship is a product by excellence.

We provide a smooth matte coating for facades with an extensive range of standard colors.

  • Very trendy colors.
  • High opacity.
  • Bold colors.
  • Very high-performance coating.

It is not just any smooth wall cladding, containing no quartz and can also be used indoors.


Our best value.


We quote some of the different coatings offered in our facilities:

  • Pliolite coating water ( DECORLITE hydro).
  • Silicate coating.
  • Smooth and rough stone 100 % acrylic coating.
  • Thick elastic coating (covers micro cracks).
  • Cladding facades and interiors.
  • Plastic paints exterior-interior.
  • Ecological paintings.

Special offers

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Offer Bancril-tex facades. Packaging 20Kg. (except leather, green and indigo blue pediment). 44,87€ 65%
Offer Bancril-tex leather, green and indigo blue pediment. Packaging 20Kg. 57,83€ 55%
Offer Fashion selection Bancril interior, exterior colors. 12lt container. 93,65€ 40%
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