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Tinting systems

Tinting systems

Leaders in colorimetry

We think we are one of the most innovative companies nationwide, compared to the tinting systems available on the market.


Within minutes, we can manufacture your desired paint color.

We offer a virtually unlimited range of colors

Tinting systems allow to have an infinite range of colors for all types of paint or enamel, offering the amount of paint you need and reproducing the exact color you have chosen to paint or decorate. Once produced is recorded in our system, having it available for future use.

Tinting systems that we currently use for painting:

  • Cars (automobiles).
  • Polyurethanes.
  • Polyurethane industrial floors, machinery, agricultural vehicles, buses ..
  • Polyurethane metallic finish.
  • Cladding facades and interiors.
  • Mono component enamels.
  • And a wide assortment and finishing products for every need.

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